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Summer at Sam’s Nest 2000?

The Garretts in this photograph are at “Samsnest”, home of Phil Garrett and Judy Whitbeck..The men in this photo are all sons of twins Thomas C. and Philip C. Garrett, of Mount Washington.

From left:  Phil Garrett II, son of Philip C. Garrett, Tom Garrett, son of Thomas C. Garrett, A. Cope Garrett, son of Thomas C. Garrett, Don Garrett, brother of Phil and son of  Philip C. Garrett, Harry LJ Garrett, brother of A. Cope and Tom and son of Thomas C. Garrett.

Photographer Judy Whitbeck

Date 1990s

Location Philip Garrett II house

Collection Betsy & Harry Garrett

Author Judy Whitbeck

People in Photo Philip Jr., Tom, Cope, Don, and Harry Garrett