Saving the last schoolhouse in the Berkshires’ smallest town

Mount Washington — The smallest town in Berkshire County is roiled. School always gets people involved in politics but, in Mount Washington, it’s the schoolhouse itself—the 151-year-old schoolhouse. In the 19th century, the town’s population was double the present 170, and there were three one-room schoolhouses, known by their locations: the South Schoolhouse became a private house years ago, the Crossroads Schoolhouse was taken down, but the North Schoolhouse still stands.

Photo by Hans Bergmann: Courtesy The Berkshire Edge

And it’s the North Schoolhouse that has gripped the town’s imagination. Neglected and unused, it sits on West Street, too close to the edge of the road, with no parking, absorbing the flow of water down the hill behind it. It is, in other words, doomed to rot if it stands where it is.

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